"Losers make Promises,

Winners make Commitments!"

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Semi-Private Training is Back!

Want to save money on training while getting the best workout you've ever finished?  Like training with a family member or have a favorite training partner you like to workout with?  The NEW Semi-Private Training Pass allows you to train alongside other motivated clients and save money at the same time! More Info...

Private Training

We offer the best in Private Training in Arizona!  After our initial Assessment Session, we tailor programs for you to reach your goals and attain amazing results!  Not only do you get great training but your training program is also matched with a personalized Meal Plan as well!

Private Training

Private Fitness Training guarantees 100% individual attention on you from the trainer.  There is no one else to interrupt our sessions or distract the trainer.  This ensures proper form is utilized during the workout, along with keeping you motivated as well.  By staying motivated and working with proper form and technique, you can expect to see results even faster than beginning a program on your own!
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The NickFit Foundation

The Foundation of Fitness...

NickFit believes in helping and giving back to the community and most importantly, the youth of today.  It has always been a staple NickFit belief that we need to focus on the physical health of children today, as well as their mental health.  We aim to help kids and adults have fun, while living an active lifestyle, creating healthy habits, working on their social skills and gaining the confidence to be successful in life! 

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